Your Partner in Strategic DEI Solutions for Lasting Change

A well-designed training program provided by The Diversity of Thought Project enhances cultural competencies by examining the ways in which we interact with each other; especially those who are different from us. Those who engage with our organization become more aware and open to practices that result in more accepting social and professional environments. Our clients go back to their respective roles with a fresh outlook on what it really takes to build an intentionally inclusive professional community, and to embrace differences in a way that cultivates belonging and respectful relationships.

Virtual and/or in-person staff development workshops
Customized trainings tailored to the specific needs of your particular staff and company culture
Large and small group programs available as well as individual, leadership, and departmental coaching
Results-driven content for the development of effective action items to implement that have noticeable impact upon your organization
Secure and confidential records-keeping allows clients to track metrics and KPI’s over time, practice accountability, measure success, and celebrate achievements