Dadrian Eason

Chief Executive Humanitarian
Dadrian majored in Engineering Technology, Spanish Language & Literature, as well as Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and then for the 3 years that followed his undergraduate studies he was Site Director for the youth summer programs at the YMCA [of Greater Indianapolis]; one of the largest charitable nonprofits in the United States in terms of donations received from the general public as listed by Forbes magazine. That work supplemented a brief professional basketball stint overseas that helped make it possible for him to indulge in world travel. His globetrotting eventually led to full relocation in Europe where a mixture of circumstance and opportunity would steer him into the pharmaceutical and healthcare space where he was able to carve out a successful business development career working in medical research.
Dadrian ultimately spent over a decade abroad, living in what currently stands at 7 different countries where he developed a deep appreciation for all different kinds of people, cultures, and ways of life before returning to the USA just in time for the infamous year of 2020 which was certainly one for the history books! Feeling a tremendous amount of unshakable frustration shortly after the Ahmaud Arbery shooting in February of that year, his creative light finally flashed on and an entrepreneurial spirit awakened. The first chance he got after completing coursework in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Essec Business School in Cergy, Franceā€¦ he set up the biggest meeting possible which, during the summer of COVID, was merely 10 people sitting in the open air who were also passionate about affecting change in meaningful ways. Like-minded ally and long-time friend, Allison Stroud proved invaluable in using the traction he was able gain to continue building momentum, and ultimately turn that into something tangible. They now have a steadily growing, enthusiastic, and motivated crew helping them to realize their passion project; The Diversity of Thought Project.

Allison Stroud

Chief Operating Humanitarian
Allison is an Indianapolis native and IUPUI graduate. She has worked in healthcare and medical equipment marketing for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting with people. Public service has been a central point of interest. She has spent time living overseas in the lovely little country of the Netherlands, and more recently returned to the northeast of the US. Meanwhile, she continues to pursue the betterment of her hometown in Indy. Seeing an opportunity and a need in America to drive a more equitable society, Allison began driving conversations and action towards a more diverse and just community. Breaking silos and exposing racism at its core is something she is striving to help others do as well. Together with the Diversity of Thought Project, she is facilitating diversity training and additionally working to bring more awareness of the topic to people from all walks of life.